Using industry standard encryption, security practices and compliance tools

SOC2 Type II Certification

Secure Collateral Management maintains SOC2 Type II certification and continues to achieved certification in all 5 disciplines:
  • Security - SCM's systems are protected both physically and logically from unauthorized access.
  • Availability - SCM's systems are designed to be available for operation according to agreements.
  • Processing Integrity - System processing is accurate, complete, timely, and authorized.
  • Confidentiality - Information designated as "confidential" is protected according to existing agreements.
  • Privacy - Personal information in collected and processed in accordance with our privacy policy and with the privacy principles put forth by the American Istitute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
Licensing and Security

SCM and all affiliated recovery agents are fully licensed and insured as required by each state.

We take security seriously at SCM, with controlled access buildings, fully encrypted data transfers, and multiple levels of data access controls in place to protect personal data.

Data Redundancy

SCM employs fully redundant data sources and systems to protect your data and ensure the least amount of downtime in a disaster. Having account information available to clients and agents 24/7 without interruption is a priority for us.

Network Security

Keeping our network secure is a top priority at Secure Collateral Management. In addition to 3rd party annual network penetration testing and certification, Secure Collateral Management also performs quarterly in-house penetration tests to ensure local network security.


At SCM we uphold our client's strictest compliance standards. This includes Third Party Vendor oversight, On-Site Inspections and Employee Education through our relationship with RISC ( RISC maintains and monitors compliance documentation on our behalf to ensure our vendors meet our strict standards to include background checks, document tracking, document oversight and overall compliance tracking. Additionally, upon hiring, each SCM team member is educated and vetted thoroughly.

Our compliance portfolio includes:
  • Are RISC Pro Members
  • Monitor and maintain compliance through RISC, the #1 Compliance Services company in the recovery industry
  • Our vendors are continuously vetted by RISC who provides compliance visibility down to the field agent level
  • Our vendors' onsite inspections are performed annually by RISC with the most comprehensive and standardized reports
  • Our staff is certified with the CARS-Financial Client National Course to ensure we have the most up to date knowledge of regulations and best practices within collateral recovery
Latest News

September 2023
2023 Capital One Diverse Supplier of the Year
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April 7th, 2023
Top Performing Forwarder For Ally Bank
Secure Collateral Management was honored to receive this years award as the top performing forwarder for Ally Bank at the 2023 North American Repo Summit. Read More...
April, 2023
SCM Sponsors Citizens Bank Event
Secure Collateral Management was excited to sponsor and be a part of Citizens Bank first ever Collections & Recovery Vendor Summit this week. Unbelievable campus and even better event filled with great people. Look forward to many more years of partnership and their next event.
July 20th, 2022
SCM Named to Best Companies to Work For in Texas
After participating in a 3rd party company-wide audit and interview process, Secure Collateral Management received the prestigious "Best Companies to Work For in Texas 2022".
September 1st, 2021
SCM Receives Renewal of SOC II Type 2 Certification, which includes all 5 Disciplines.
Secure Collateral Management(SCM) is pleased to announce the successful renewal of our SOC2 Type II audit on September 1st, 2021. This is the fifth year of our upgraded certification that includes all 5 disciplines - a unique certification in our industry.
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